Houston License to Carry (LTC) Class

Experience a fun, professional, & safe Houston LTC class that will certify you for a Texas LTC license. Following your Houston LTC class, you'll receive an official certificate of completion which you can file with the state. LTC classes provide classroom instruction as well as range practice. Participants with less shooting are advised to choose a time in advance to come to the range. Applicants must be 21 of age unless active duty military. The cost is $89/person (Spanish LTC instruction $99), groups are welcome to take LTC together with a discount available! 25 spots available per class. Reserve your LTC class time via our calendar. Please bring the printed receipt for class entry. Designed To Be Fast Paced & Enjoyable

Classroom Located Next To Full Armor Firearms Store @ 11925 Katy Fwy. Houston, TX 77079

Texas Constitutional Carry Information

With the passage of the new Texas Bill providing for any Texan to carry a handgun without licensure in certain places, we've uploaded this guide to provide proper guidance to all our customers.  

The Top 6 Reasons To Still Get A License To Carry A Handgun
- School District Employees Who Have An LTC Are Protected
- Carrying A Handgun Under The Age of 21
- Fast Lane For Firearm Purchases (Avoid Repeated Background Checks)
- Private Property Owners May Not Allow Constitutional Carry
- LTC Holders Receive More Notice At Prohibited Locations (Legal Grace)
- Ability To Avoid Arrest At Airport Security
Frequently Answered Questions About Constitutional Carry
- When does constitutional carry go into effect?
September 1st, 2021

- Can a visitor to Texas carry under the constitutional carry law?

- Do the firearms I carry have to be registered to me?
No, there is not a federal or statewide firearm registry.  
As long as the weapon is not stolen it will be considered legal. 

- Can the handgun I carry be loaded?
Yes, but please practice safe handling!

Can a police officer disarm me?
Yes, a legally a police officer can disarm a LTC holder 
if they are suspected of committing a crime.

Can I carry while wearing a mask?
Yes, wearing a facial covering does not impact your 
constitutional right to carry in Texas.

También Ofrecemos Clases de LTC en Español

También ofrecemos clases de LTC en español. Por favor, póngase en contacto con la oficina para las fechas disponibles.  Costo: $ 99 / persona. 25 lugares disponibles por clase. Reserve su lugar a través de nuestro calendario LTC. Una vez que haya completado con éxito la clase, recibirá el formulario LTC100 que puede enviar al estado de Texas para obtener una licencia. Los participantes en nuestras clases LTC deben tener una familiaridad básica con el uso de armas de fuego y medidas de seguridad. La clase LTC no es una clase de entrenamiento de pistola para principiantes. Para completar el curso de LTC, la ley del estado de Texas exige que se carguen, descarguen y obtengan un puntaje mínimo de tiro al blanco.
What is a Houston LTC class? 

An LTC class is a License to Carry class. On June 13, 2015, a bill that was passed in Texas to allow Texas citizens to carry a gun on their belt for open carry. It can also be concealed with a shirt or in a bag. That became effective on January the first, 2016 where actually I can walk down now the street legally, because I have a license to carry my gun. So that's what an LTC class is. A CHL is a concealed handgun license. 

Registration Link

How Is Registration Handled With Full Armor Gun Range?

We have online registration via a highly user friendly platform called Calendly. You will immediately be able to see all upcoming LTC class offerings at our range. By clicking on the desired class date, you your browser will load registration and payment processing information. You would pay the $89 registration fee via Paypal and print your registration receipt. Classes that are full will not allow you to register. If you need to reschedule the class, please notify Laurie Barone at 281-744-5566 within 24 hours of scheduled class time.

* Your LTC class ticket = the registration receipt

What Is A Concealed Handgun License?

Everyone who has a concealed handgun license activated into the future with the License To Carry (LTC) as the license is now known.  The Texas department of public safety issues a license to carry a handgun to eligible people for a fee. You receive a physical license that looks like your driver's license on the top, except is says "license to carry." They actually use your same photo that’s seen on your drivers’ licenses; you don't have to retake your photos, and you are given an identification number and everything. 

Now more than 1.2 million Texans have licenses to carry. Even though, that's less than 5 percent of the state's 28.3 million residents. License To Carry permits are especially popular with citizens over the age of 50.

Star-Telegram Article |  Texas Guns & Ammo

Benefits of Handgun Licenses:

A Texas handgun carry license makes it much easier to purchase a firearm. With the background check system backlog, especially for more common names such as Joe Smith, you're going to be delayed a hundred percent of the time. But if you have your LTC Houston license when you go to buy a firearm, you won't be delayed because you have a specific number for system input and your approval will be expedited. Also, your concealed handgun license can serve as a form of personal identification for government applications.

Learning Firearms Laws Nationwide

You'll learn a lot about the laws, not just in Texas, but actually across the whole United States in our LTC Class. Now, imagine traveling in a RV across all United States, it'd be nice to carry a handgun for safety. However, you need to be aware of the laws in each state, because you can go to jail for carrying the firearm in states that do not have the same laws, even if you have a license. So, you need to be aware of the laws on a state by state level if you’re a traveler. 

Do you have information on driving to other states with your handgun? It is important to consider the gun laws of the state your are planning to visit (or travel through). These website links contain additional information on various state gun laws. 

Guns Laws To Carry

Carry Guard 

What is an LTC class? 

We have instructors certified directly by the state of Texas. Most classes start at 9 a.m. Once you arrive at the class, they cover the safety of actually owning a gun and what not to do. They tell you about the laws in Texas where you can legally carry a concealed gun and where you are prohibited from openly carrying your gun. You prove basic proficiency by shooting x number of rounds inside of the designated area of the silhouette target. This class certifies you for licensure in the State of Texas. 

Official Texas DPS Information

Gun Range & Store Together In West Houston

Our gun range is conveniently located next to our gun store. So, the classroom and range area are together. Many ranges are not connected to gun stores, requiring you drive off after you take the classroom portion to complete the shooting portion. Furthermore, our store offers gun rentals and ammo purchasing, so you are guaranteed to have everything you need for the LTC Class. For these efficiencies, Full Armor has a gun store and gun range in the same location.

Shooting Proficiency Level For LTC?

The LTC class requires a level of shooting accuracy in order to pass. The level of proficiency required is generally accessible to most adults. But if you are nervous or have scant handgun experience, they could communicate with the range and set up a free personal tutorial prior to the LTC class. We are happy to offer this to new range clients. One of our chief values is promoting the safe and legal use of firearms, and helping anyone get over any LTC anxieties is our pleasure. 

Tired of reading... register already!

LTC Registration Link

How long does the class last? 

Our LTC class finishes about about two o'clock in the afternoon, which is a five-hour class length. Starting at 9:00 AM (our primary starting point unless otherwise noted) with an hour lunch break. At Full Armor, we are surrounded by a multitude of West Houston establishments. Plus, there are two restaurants in our exact shopping center. 

Our local favorite

How is the LTC class broken down in those five hours? 

The main outline is a classroom teaching portion and then shooting range work. The classroom portion includes legal issues, legal protection options, and a handgun safety review.

Texas Firearm Legal Presentation & Texas Shield Protection

In order to guard your personal liability in using firearms, you'll be presented with the Texas Shield program, which is an optional sign-up. The Texas Shield is a monthly fee service providing several liability benefits to concealed handgun licensees. For example, if you do have to use your weapon in a scary scenario, and you kill someone, the Texas Shield team would be available to protect you. 

It's like pre-paying for like an attorney's service. They tell you what's going to happen if you discharge your weapon in a self-defense scenario and cause serious harm to another. They go through the whole process after this type of incident and provide you an overview of what to expect. The Houston LTC Class is a very detailed setting. 

Firearm Education & Liability Training 

So, a portion of the class time is about the education and the teaching and the liability that the licensed to carry license holder bears for the use of their firearm and an insurance or personal protection program.

How long does the range portion last? 

The shooting range portion of the LTC class is approximately 30 minutes, depending on how many other students are taking the class with you. Once you've completed your range portion, you can walk around the store, preview our selection of guns & ammunition, and then just walk back to the class conclusion. 

What do I do after completing the LTC class? 

Once you complete the class, you will be given a certificate. You will then get on the website for the department of public safety, and you're going to pay a fee of around $40. You will have to answer a few questions, and you're going to do a background check. They’re going to do a complete background check on you as well. 

You will also need to have fingerprints done, which is about $10, and that’s about it. Once you have all that done, you will send it to them. And it takes about the earliest, two weeks and usually at the latest six weeks, to get back to your actual permit as long as you qualify. 

Official Application Link

Texas Governor Reduces CHL License Fees

The fee has gone down in recent years. It used to be around $130, before governor Abbott, reduced it down to a third of what it used to be. So, Abbott's doing a lot of things for LTC. 

Gun Legislation

Where Can I Currently Carry A Gun Without A License?

You can keep a gun without a license in your home or your car, which is considered an extension of your homestead. There are exceptions to this, of course, such as anyone with felonies or certain types of misdemeanors on their record. But most people can keep a gun in their home or vehicle. 

Criminal Defense Lawyer Info

How Far In Advance Must I Register For The LTC Class? 

Our website makes it very simple to register. You can see the entire calendar of classes there with available dates. I would recommend registering for our course at least 24 hours in advance. 

What Is The Current LTC Class Weekly Schedule @ Full Armor Gun Range?

We're holding it Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I just spoke with the main instructor yesterday, and we're planning on doing a mid-week as well. So, it looks like we're going to have four days coming up here soon. Keep an eye on our calendar for updates on that.

What does someone need to bring to the gun range when they come? 

You will need to bring your driver’s license to verify your identity. You will also need to bring your receipt for the course. When you register online, you will be given a receipt, and you should print and bring that to the class. This serves as your ticket for entry into the course. 

You can rent a firearm from our store to use for the shooting portion of the class, and we also have ammunition available for purchase. You can also bring your own if you prefer. 

How much approximately would it cost to rent a handgun for the LTC class? 

$14 for the rental at Full Armor. And then ammo costs you about 15$ for a full box (the amount we would recommend for the LTC shooting range portion). So, in total, about $30 to rent a handgun and purchase the ammunition. 

Gun Rentals

How many people are typically in an LTC class? 

Most classes consist of about 3-15 people. They average about 5-10 per class. Our online registration system will show you if the class has reached maximum capacity, so you always know that you are guaranteed a spot when you register. 

Our maximum number of people per course is 20, and the class will close if that number have already registered. The system will not let you register for a full class, so your receipt guarantees your spot. 

How quickly can someone get their license?  

It does take time to complete the online application and having your fingerprints done. You will also need to submit the certificate you receive from our course, which can either be done online or through the mail. After that, it typically takes around two to six weeks to get it all processed. 

How do I transmit the certificate received at the class to the state licensing entity? 

You will receive a physical piece of paper certificate when you complete the course. The certificate will have an ID number on it for your certification. 

This number is used to authenticate it when verifying your license, either when you are initially going through the process or later for officials to verify its validity. You can typically use this number to transmit your certification online, but some areas may require you to submit your full certificate. 

Does the LTC class cover basic handgun safety, or is there a separate class that someone who is new to shooting should take? 

The course does cover some elements of handgun safety. However, it is helpful to already know how to use a firearm before coming to the course. We also offer advanced classes to teach more in-depth information about using a firearm if someone would like more knowledge. The certification course does cover basic handgun safety.

Shooting Class Lineup

How old does someone need to be to receive an LTC license? 

In order to receive an LTC license in the state of Texas, an individual needs to be 21 years of age or older, unless they are active duty military. You have to be 18 years old to purchase a rifle or long gun, and you must be 21 years of age to purchase a handgun. 

However, while Texas law prohibits the sale or rental of a firearm to persons under 18, they can possess a firearm with parental permission. So, it is possible that a minor could take the course, though the laws on that can be rather vague. However, in order to receive certification, you would need to be 21 or older. 

Could a 10-year-old take the class to prepare? 

That's a good question. I don't know if there's anything illegal about someone this age taking the class. You just wouldn't be able to submit them in for LTC approval until they were an 21 year old adult.

Is there anything different about the LTC class at full armor compared with other ranges? 

There are a few unique aspects to our class. One major difference is that we have our store, class, and range all in the same place. This means that you don’t have to travel from one place to another to complete both portions of the course. The store allows us to rent handguns for the course and sell ammo if needed. 

Also, it provides something to do while others are shooting. Instead of having to be bored while waiting through all of the turns, you can browse our store while you wait. We have a lot of fun stuff in the store and accessories to look at while you wait for your final approval. 

What are the safety guidelines for the LTC Class?

Eye protection is needed
Over the ear hearing protection--muff type--to cover the ear and the area behind the ear
Head cover-cap or hat that will cover the head and the area toward the face (such as a baseball cap)
Footwear must cover the entire foot

Attire should be clean and rip free
Collared shirts are helpful at the course
UNLOADED HANDGUN and Ammunition are to be placed in a case or carrying bag (Concealed)
NO HANDGUNS ARE PERMITTED IN THE CLASSROOM unless authorized by the instructor 

Who are the instructors for license to carry?

We have several different instructors for our courses. It’s not the same person each time. We have a varied staff to accommodate rotating schedules and instructors on vacation etc. Some are veteran law officers and we have female and bilingual (Spanish) instructors. We would welcome the opportunity to serve other language groups as we are able.

Are there options for Spanish speaking participants @ Full Armor Gun Range? 

Yes. Usually, once a month we teach Spanish classes, and the instructor for that class is female. There is also an online portion to the course that she teaches. Please call the office for scheduling and registration offline. There is an option to take the basics of the class and then come in to do the shooting portion. She teaches the online part to that class. I do think it’s valuable to come in and actually take the full course in person, sitting in the classroom. 

There are things that you learn that are more difficult to understand when you take that part online. People tend to pay less attention on the computer, and we can actually show you more things in the classroom. 

Is there a price difference for LTC Classes between ranges? 

No, there's not a uniform cost - ours is $89 plus tax, which is on the low end, though we're probably going to have to raise it pretty soon, because our prices are pretty much lower than everyone else out there. There is a lot of cost to run and maintain a gun range, especially with insurance, etc. But, right now we are at the lower end with $89 (plus tax). 

Why do people need or desire a concealed handgun license?

When you have a concealed carry license, you are able to carry your gun with you on your person. Carrying a weapon without a license can get you a trip downtown and a hefty $2500 ticket and time in jail. The license ensures that you are carrying your weapon legally to avoid any issues such as that. You also want to ensure that you are always safe. There are many times when we may end up in situations where we are the victim. In life, you sometimes need to defend yourself outside your home or car. 

A concealed handgun license enables you to be sure that you are protected anywhere while you are out. The course teaches you the specifics of situations like that, so you know when you are allowed to do what, and what the law says about using your handgun, carrying your handgun, and defending yourself. 

USA Carry

Are there group discounts for family members or groups that come to take the LTC class together? 

We are open to specialized discounts depending on the situation. You would need to call the range and ask for management for that. However, we would be willing to consider any special arrangements you might ask for and see what we can do. For example, if you wanted to negotiate a group of 10 people or more, or if you wanted an entirely private class, we would be willing to discuss those options for you.

Do you as a gun range owner have any personal stories of protecting yourself with your handgun or the presence of your visible handgun? 

I have a story where I didn't have my handgun on me, and I felt like I was naked on the street. I was out on a date with the girlfriend. And I got confronted by three guys, and fortunately I was in between the wall of a restaurant and the car. I was parallel to the side of the building, but my door was open, but these three guys were about to jump me as I was opening up the door for her to get in. And I stared him down and was like, I was staring down Satan himself, man. And they just gave me a little laugh. It was like a little pack of wolves as they were about to jump. 

And I didn't have my gun on me, or I would have pulled it out and pointed it in their face, no doubt about it. And at that point, I started carrying my gun more. You know, I guess I just got really too confident with my surroundings that I was in a more of an upper end, you know, area. I believe in carrying a gun, you know, there's too many things that can happen. I feel safer a lot of times traveling outside of the United States than I do in some parts of Houston, and having my gun just makes me feel like I have the ability to defend myself and my family and survive. My other business involves precious coins and valuables so protection of my assets and person is primary at all times!

How can someone prepare or prevent a mass shooting unfolding nearby? 

The first step is to always be alert. These days you see so many people there, and they're their own little world. Whether they're walking or driving, or they're not really paying attention. They're texting or talking on the phone. Most of the time, if you're aware of your surroundings, you'll see what's going on. You want to put yourself in a position that you can see and be aware of what is happening around you. If something seems off or strange, you avoid the situation if possible. 

In restaurants, or anywhere else, situate yourself so that you can reach an exit easily. This advice applies for any emergency, such as fire, etc. If you have a gun on your person, you can take action if necessary. But it’s important to know when action is necessary, which is another asset of taking handgun courses. It’s all about being able to protect yourself. 

What To Do In A Mass Shooting Event

What are the reviews from people who've taken LTC class at full armor? 

Most people that have taken the class that are range, they give it five stars. I mean, we really take pride in our reputation and do a great job. We have a great process for the course. Our classroom structures are energetic, and our instructors are thorough. They go through all the safety information that you'll need. They go through the laws that will protect you in case you have to use your firearm, so that you know what's going to happen after you use it. 

Google Reviews

What happens if the Texas concealed handgun statute is repealed?

Then LTC license holders would no longer be able to open carry in the state of Texas if this law and program are discontinued by legislation (or totalitarian fiat). We feel this is unlikely and advocate for gun rights policies and candidates in local, state, and federal elections. 

Are there any places where someone with a license to carry is not allowed to carry or discouraged from carrying?

There are places that you can't carry a gun. Most of them have signs posted, but there are certain laws and regulations for that as well. For example, in restaurants and bars that serve alcohol there are special rules. You can’t enter a school or any government buildings with a gun. Obviously, you can’t bring one into an airport. It’s important to know these laws and pay attention to any signs posted when you walk into any building or business. 

Texas Tribune

Are there any stats of relating to safety for individuals with concealed handguns? 

After they changed the gun laws in 1995, that the murder rate actually went down by 50%. Incidents of rape also decreased, along with other violent crime. 

NRA Crime Prevention Statistics

American Gun Facts

LTC Registration
Houston LTC Class Range Proficiency ChartRegister HereTexas LTC Fees

LTC Post-Class Licensing Steps

Go to the Texas DPS Web Site for Handgun Licensing to view requirements, apply and pay for the application. DPS LTC  Fee chart below.

If you submit your application by mail you will need form LTC-78A.pdf.  You will need your Valid; Drivers License or Identification Card
If applying from out of state you must take the LTC Course in Texas

Once approved you'll receive a Trace Number; Print this number you will need this for reference with the DPS. This will also be your checklist of what the DPS will need from you. If you were in the Military you will need a copy of your DD form 214 (Honorable Discharge).
If you were born outside the United States you will need your birth documentation papers.
If the DPS cannot use your Texas Drivers License or Texas ID picture you will have to get a Passport type picture and attach it to LTC-6.pdf form to send in.

2. You will need fingerprints taken though Identogo and then the FBI does a background check for the DPS.

3. Sign up for an appointment below to take the 4 to 6 hour LTC Class: Then pass the written and handgun range test.
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