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Renting guns is an advisable way for you to determine which weapons are the best for fit for your personal preferences & circumstance.

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  1. I came in today to rent try several .45's that I'm looking to buy. It was quite a shock when I was told I would have to pay for each gun I rented though the fee is for one hour rental per gun. And, if it works like it did on Friday when I rented an AR 15 after having already paid for a lane rental, I had to pay another hour rental fee.

    I did read last week or so in your presentation that I could swap out guns and you kept my license and moved it to each location. No mention that I would be charged for each gun in the presentation and if I remember correctly, I could swap guns without additional cost. I'm unable to find that on your site now so it's just from memory. However, that is how most ranges have worked when I've rented guns in the past.

    All I can say is that paying for 3 hour lane rentals for a 30 minutes session and paying $48 to rent 3 pistols for 30 minutes instead of an hour each is a poor business model. As such, I will be taking my business elsewhere. And to top it off, you probably lost the firearm sale.

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